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Safe shopping tips

These are guidelines only - seek professional advise.

  1. First choice when making a purchase try to use a credit card - with credit cards you may be able to claim back any money lost.
  2. Use Paypal - paypal has a resolution centre who will act as an intermediary and you may be able to  get your money back.
  3. Try not to use a debit card if avoidable - this is the same as writing a check to the merchant and banks do not guarantee any refunds.
  4. Ensure you are comfortable with the merchants contact details and they can be contacted directly with the information they provide online. 
  5. Do not share or leave your passwords available for anyone to use. Change your online passwords at least once per month.
  6. Look for https, in the url and a small padlock icon  is in place when completing transactions or when entering any personal information.
  7. Click on the padlock icon to view certificates to ensure that the SSL certificate is genuine.

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